EDS Romania

EDS RomaniaOur history

2008 - EDS Romania is founded and the construction of the printing house is initiated, as a greenfield project in Ghimbav, near Brasov. Two printing machines are assembled, a Lithoman III 32-pages and Lithoman IV 48-pages. The official launch takes place in October, when all the machines become operational, including the CTP, stitching and wrapping lines.

2011 - EDS Romania becomes the leader of the Romanian commercials market.

2016 - The company installs a third high-productivity printing machine, Lithoman IV 48-pages, which increases the production capacity by 40%, firmly bolstering EDS Romania as the leading printer on the Romanian market, with an unrivaled production capacity. The existing 48-pages press is upgraded with an inline A3 stitcher, thus expanding the production possibilities.

2023 - EDS Romania acquires all the assets and the entire printing business of Mega Press Holdings. The printing equipment of Mega Press Holding, two MAN Lithoman IV 48p and one MAN Rotoman 16p commercial web offset press, doubles the production capacity, firmly placing EDS as the largest printer on the Romanian market.